Trying something new can often taste like fear

I was on the phone with a friend of mine last night, a truly spectacular feat in and of itself because I hate the phone, and we got to talking about my being unemployed.

He mentioned something that he read a few days ago about doing something new everyday for 30 days. He suggested I do it that way I can sort of shake out the cobwebs and have something to do.

I’m thinking….why not.

My only impediment is my own fears and well…my anxiety and panic disorders. Those are being managed pretty well with medication and I’m sure if I do things that aren’t absolutely bat shit crazy, I should be fine. Right?


I’ll be honest with you guys. I’ll probably try it for a week and see what happens. I mean this could end in disaster. No one wants that.

Unless it makes for good story.

I’m probably going to start next week…so stay tuned.

What are some things you would want to do if you had the time and the challenge to try something new for 7 days?