The world keeps on turning

globe gif photo: The Globe. Globe.gif

Oh, it’s been a while my gentle and lovely readers. A lot has been going on the world while I have put myself in semi-confinement.

Being in confinement due to sickness and the unpredictability of said sickness sucks. It puts a damper on your spirits as well. To try and combat that, recently I’ve been reading a lot and becoming addicted to Buzzfeed. Oh, and doing a lot of reserving books at the local library.

However, despite my own issues the world keeps on turning.

North Korea has lost their shit: OOOOO I have a button and I know how to press it

Celebrities are visiting nations that are considered threats to America: Dennis Rodman and his bestie, 99 Problems and a passport issued in the US is apparently not one because they said we could

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