there is measure in everything



Will you have me, lady?


No, my lord, unless I might have another for
working-days: your grace is too costly to wear
every day. But, I beseech your grace, pardon me: I
was born to speak all mirth and no matter.

DON PEDRO Your silence most offends me, and to be merry best
becomes you; for, out of question, you were born in
a merry hour.

Much Ado About Nothing by Shakespeare is my favorite play. I feel a strong affinity with Beatrice, the feisty and witty heroine of this play. She is at turns vulnerable and strong, full of mirth or deeply aggrieved and she does it all with a grace and an elegance that is both natural and memorable.

But enough about that, this blog isn’t about Beatrice or Shakespeare although they both might creep in from time to time. No, this is a blog about writing, about our society, and about whatever happens to pop into my head. If you want an academic blog there are others out there and if you are looking for the news, may I point you toward Gawker. If you want to laugh or commiserate about writer’s block or even grouse about the latest gaffes in politics or science fiction (I’m an equal opportunity writer) then stick around.


You will never run mad, niece.

BEATRICE No, not till a hot January.

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