The world keeps on turning

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Oh, it’s been a while my gentle and lovely readers. A lot has been going on the world while I have put myself in semi-confinement.

Being in confinement due to sickness and the unpredictability of said sickness sucks. It puts a damper on your spirits as well. To try and combat that, recently I’ve been reading a lot and becoming addicted to Buzzfeed. Oh, and doing a lot of reserving books at the local library.

However, despite my own issues the world keeps on turning.

North Korea has lost their shit: OOOOO I have a button and I know how to press it

Celebrities are visiting nations that are considered threats to America: Dennis Rodman and his bestie, 99 Problems and a passport issued in the US is apparently not one because they said we could

Rihanna went back to Chris Brown (it is the writer’s opinion that this was a stupid stupid move)

But then they broke up? :

The USA managed to avoid a fiscal cliff by signing a bill that also some sneaky sneaky sneaky food laws to get in.

Kim Kardashian is going to spawn a child with Kanye West. We all weep in fear and confusion.

Margaret Thacher is dead.
Regardless of how you feel/felt about her, she was the first PM of the UK. An immense and awesome achievement.

New Girl’s Nick and Jess!!!!!

Doctor Who celebrates 50 years in October

Neil Gaiman has a new book out “Unnatural Creatures” and one of his older and awesome books Neverwhere is an audio on BBC 4

Gun laws are absolute bananas right now because no one can decide

Also, more people should be listening to Birmingham Mountain Radio because it’s awesome. You need to know this and go there right now and start listening because you are definitely missing out.

I’m sure there are other things that have happened since I’ve been in hibernation but those things seem so obvious and …. full of matter.

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