Well hello there. How’ve you been? I’ve been …. ok.

I wanted to let you know that this blog is going to possibly go in a different direction. What?!

Yeah. Not only am I taking forever to post, I’m telling you that there will be changes.

I’m a jerk.

There will be actual posts written by other people about things like dating, food, art and just general mayhem.

I’ll be writing about parenthood (because how can I not?), writing and reading and there will be more baking.

This is an eclectic place, this little corner of the web and I plan on keeping that way but with the added chaos (the good kind) in my personal life I’m gonna need some help.

So starting very soon, there will be posts and pics and did I mention mayhem?

I hope you’ll stick around a little longer.

Again, I apologize for the crazy lateness of updating.

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