Weekends are made for video games

I miss this baby


Hello All! Happy Monday *eyeroll*

I hate Mondays. There is nothing happy about a Monday ever unless it’s 11:59pm.

So anyhoo, this weekend was calm. Borderlands 2 was played every night except for Sunday and this mainly because the husband watches Dexter, Homeland & Walking Dead and I go into the bedroom and read. Or watch American Dad.

I didn’t go to ComicCon this year and it is a sore subject so we will not discuss that. I made awesome choco chip cookies without brown sugar and with a vanilla bean sugar.

Also, I have started putting out feelers for volunteering. I love my house but I hate being in it all the time. I want to do something valuable with my time if I’m not getting paid for work.

So there ya go. The weekend in a nutshell.

What was your highlight this weekend?

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